Parallel Report on the Implementation of the CEDAW

  • 出版日期: 2018年3月
  • 頁數: 14
  • 語言: 英文

Executive Summary (Excerpt)

This report was co-authored by 11 groups, with more than half of them being organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs). Other organizations include veteran human rights groups engaged in comprehensive human rights issues, judicial reform, promotion of the abolition of the death penalty, prison reform, legal aid, and economic and social rights promotion.

This collaboration has contributed to the general human rights organizations’ awareness of the issues faced by People with Disabilities and the strategies used to in rights defense and advocacy. In addition, it allowed for OPDs to gain a deeper understanding of human rights principles and frameworks.This report was generated as follows: The topics are first grouped by subject matter and relevance. Group leaders then gather teams to discuss and revise preliminary drafts. Finally, several executive editors reorganize the content to improve the flow between related articles with differing content, thereby making the draft more coherent and consistent. It is worth noting that in order to increase the representation and weight of this report, the responses to each and every provision mentioned have gained the consensus of all participating groups. With
regards to issues that have been debated amongst the groups, we have chosen to be frank about our disagreements and have described each stance for the purposes of review by international experts. One such example is the issue of prenatal screening and rights pertaining to related issues such as advice for abortion due to abnormalities, abortion rights and abortion timeframe.

Table of Contents

  • The Editing Team
  • Participating NGOs (in alphabetical order)
  • Executive Summary
  • Overview
  • Article 2: Policy Measures
  • Article 3: Guarantee of Basic Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms for Women with Disabilities
  • Article 7: The Right to Political and Public Life of Women with Disabilities
  • Article 10: The Right to Education of Women with Disabilities
  • Article 11: The Right to Work of Women with Disbabilities
  • Article 12: The Right to Health of Women with Disabilities
  • Article 16: Marriage and Family Life, in conjunction with Article 12