Parallel Report on the Implementation of the CRPD

  • 出版日期: 2017年6月
  • 頁數: 91
  • 語言: 英文

About the Report

Covenants watch has organized a series of shadow report writing workshops and CRPD training courses since July 2015. In collaboration with many disability rights movement groups, the workshops aimed to ensure high-quality shadow reports by familiarizing advocates for Peoples with Disabilities with Taiwan’s unique human rights treaty self-review procedures and strengthening their understanding of CRPD.

This report was co-authored by 16 groups, with more than half of them being organizations of persons with disabilities (OPDs). Other organizations include veteran human rights groups engaged in comprehensive human rights issues, judicial reform, promotion of the abolition of the death penalty, prison reform, legal aid, and economic and social rights promotion. This collaboration has contributed to the general human rights organizations’ awareness of the issues faced by People with Disabilities and the strategies used to in rights defense and advocacy.

This report was generated as follows: The topics are first grouped by subject matter and relevance. Group leaders then gather teams to discuss and revise preliminary drafts. Finally, several executive editors reorganize the content to improve the flow between related articles with differing content, thereby making the draft more coherent and consistent. With regards to issues that have been debated amongst the groups, we have chosen to be frank about our disagreements and have described each stance for the purposes of review by international experts.

Table of Contents

  1. Overview
  2. Special challenges facing indigenous persons with disabilities
  3. Article 1: General Principles
  4. Article 2: Definition; Article 5: Equality and Non-discrimination
  5. Article 6: Women with Disabilities
  6. Article 7: Children with Disabilities
  7. Article 8: Awareness-Raising
  8. Article 9: Accessibility
  9. Article 10: Right to Life
  10. Article 11: Dangerous Situations and Humanitarian Emergencies
  11. Article 12: Equal Recognition before the Law
  12. Article 13: Access to Justice
  13. Article 14: Liberty and Security of the Person
  14. Article 15: Freedom from Torture
  15. Article 16: Protection against Exploitation, Violence and Abuse
  16. Article 17: Protecting the Integrity of the Person
  17. Article 19: Independent Living and Integration in Society
  18. Article 20: Individual Mobility
  19. Article 22: Respect for Privacy
  20. Article 23: Respect for Home and Family
  21. Article 24: Education
  22. Article 25: Health
  23. Article 27: Work and Employment
  24. Article 28: Adequate Standard of Living and Social Protections
  25. Article 29: Participation in Political and Public Life
  26. Article 31: Statistical Research and Collection of Data
  27. Article 33: State Implementation and Monitoring