Freedom of Expression Is Not A Crime! Free Li, Ming-Che Immediately!

【Joint statement from Taiwan NGOs alliance for rescuing Mr. Li, Ming-Che】(中文版)

Today (28th of November) marks the 254th day since the Taiwanese human rights activist, Li, Ming-Che (李明哲) was first forced to disappear by the Chinese authorities on the 19th of March earlier this year. It was not until two months later on 26th of May that the Chinese authority confirmed his arrest. Yet to see Li standing in his trial took us six months after his first arrest on 11th of September. This morning, Li was sentenced to five years in prison by the Chinese court for “subversion of state power.” The court also stripped him of all political rights in China for two years.



以下為李明哲救援大隊於2017年11月28日下午於蔡瑞月舞蹈社外召開之「和平言論無罪!立即釋放李明哲! 蔡政府應強烈抗議,捍衛國人基本權利」記者會會上,回應李明哲判決之共同聲明(English version)